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Chad Penkhus is an Insurance agent located in Colorado Springs,  CO. Chad joined the Insurance world because of his unwavering commitment to take care of his clients. Using cutting-edge technology to shop with dozens of "A" rated insurance companies in just a few short minutes, he is able to find the right coverage at a competitive price. He takes the time to review all of the options and customizes a policy based on the unique risks and desires of each client. After finalizing an option, Chad is backed by a service team that has the highest client loyalty rating in the industry. Request a quote from Chad today!


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Choice. It’s our secret weapon. Except it’s not really a secret, because absolutely anyone can harness it. Introducing our Digital Agent, our online tool that leverages our relationships with hundreds of insurance companies to build a home and auto bundle customized to fit your life perfectly. In less than two minutes, you can see for yourself what that perfect fit looks like, and how affordable it can be. We’ll also show you the other rates we shopped from top providers, so you can be confident you’re protected the way you should be at the price you deserve.


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