What Are the Rewards of Buying a Move-In Ready Home?

What Are the Rewards of Buying a Move-In Ready Home?

Moving to a new address is an exciting venture for each homeowner. When shopping, you must decide exactly how much time and investment you would like to put into your new residence. Will you be moving into a ready-built home, or will you be building a new home? Do you need a rental while waiting for another house to finish construction, or are you looking for a quick, easy transition from one home directly into another? Choosing a move-in ready home may be the best option for you if you would like the convenience and ease of a house that is ready-built for a family to occupy immediately.

What does it mean to be move-in ready?

A move-in ready home, sometimes referred to as a “turnkey house” by real estate agents, is a home that is approved by inspection and deemed habitable and ready for current occupancy. These homes have been cleared via inspection by real estate professionals and are ready for you and your family to move in immediately. Consider what you can expect from a move-in ready home on the Flying Horse real estate marketplace.

Your home will be sound

Colorado does not require home inspection by licensed inspectors before a house can be sold. Many houses are sold “as-is,” meaning that any damage found within the home will be the buyer's responsibility once they purchase the new home. Move-in ready homes are the exact opposite. These houses have already been inspected and verified to be habitable by a professional home inspector. You will not find a move-in ready home that doesn’t have running water or the correct number of electrical outlets per United States electrical code laws. Any damages found to roofing, drainage systems, and gutters are addressed at this time. While a home inspection cannot guarantee that a move-in ready house has been fully modernized, you can be sure that it will be up to standard according to all local codes and that the home is considered safe no matter its age.

You will save energy

A wise home inspector will also do an energy audit of a home. An energy audit is a process in which a home is inspected to assess how much energy is consumed and wasted. The inspector then creates a plan to help the house conserve more energy. These plans often entail replacing heating and cooling units, roofing, and upgrading insulation and ducting. While these additional improvements aren’t mandatory, they can save a household approximately 20% on their energy bills yearly. It’s in your best interest to request your real estate agent use an experienced home inspector who can perform an energy audit on your potential home.

Save your money for the things that matter

Move-in ready homes have already been remodeled to fit the real estate market's standards. The walls are painted, and the floors have been finished. If the home inspector finds any problems within the home’s structure, you can expect those to have been corrected as well. You may find minor dings and dents in these homes, but they are structurally sound. They are truly ready for you to move in and create a new future with your family.

The money you save can then be used to upgrade your new home however you see fit. Since you will not be stuck making costly repairs, you can invest in your home with lifestyle and cosmetic upgrades such as installing a pool or deck and repainting the interior and exterior to match your personal style. Or, if you prefer, you can pocket your extra cash knowing that your new home is secure for you and your family for many years.

Wait less and stress less

Since you won’t be waiting for changes to be corrected, you won’t have to wait for further construction to be completed before moving your family and belongings into your move-in-ready home. As soon as you and your real estate agent have finalized your transaction, which takes on average thirty to fifty days, you can move in and start building a new future. This also lowers your need for a temporary rental solution while waiting to relocate. Altogether, this saves you money and alleviates much of the stress many families encounter when moving into homes that require new construction.

Don’t waste your money paying someone else’s mortgage, even temporarily, living in a rental. Instead, shop for a move-in ready home and take several extra steps to get your family into your new forever home. Dedicate your time and money to finding the best schools, your ideal commute, and the finest amenities knowing that your home is secure and does not have to be atop your list of concerns.

Are you ready to move in?

The Colorado real estate market is in constant fluctuation. Move-in ready homes offer you an opportunity to relocate to the area of your dreams at the exact moment when you and your family are ready. You will not have to wait for new construction or long-term renovations to be completed. You have the option of choosing a house or condo that perfectly suits your priorities. Whether you are seeking a luxury home in Broadmoor or a condo near the lush Flying Horse golf courses, a move-in ready home will have you moved, settled in, and part of your new Colorado community with ease.

Once you decide on the ideal time and the prime location with the finest amenities, you can buy your home and move as quickly as you like. Having an experienced real estate agent by your side will help make your transition even smoother. You need a guide with abundant knowledge of Colorado real estate. Chad Penkhus is that real estate agent. Contact Chad today for luxurious, move-in-ready homes!
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